Trump Republicans

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There are two ways to get included on this list:

  1. You are a Republican running for an elected position in 2016 as a U.S. Representative, Senator, or state Governor, OR:
  2. You are an incumbent Republican Senator or Governor who does not have to run for re-election this year.

If a Republican is retiring from their office and not seeking another one this year, then they are not included in this list, even if they have taken a position on Trump. (The reason being that it makes it less confusing for you to find the Republican who is actually running in your district/state.)

Data Sources


During an election year, about a third of the 100 Senate seats are up for re-election.

House of Representatives

There are districts that are currently held by a Democrat, and do not have a Republican filed to run in 2016. So before you complain that you can’t discover where your district’s Republican candidate stands on Trump; it may be that your district doesn’t have a Republican candidate running this year.

How I Have Classified Positions on Trump

Some Republicans have offered a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump; see Senator Jeff Sessions or Governor Chris Christie, who eagerly campaign for him on the stump. If a Republican has joined his campaign (e.g. as a state chairman or informal policy advisor) then I consider that an endorsement. Where they have specifically used the word ‘endorse’, that has made my calculation easier; for instance, even though Speaker Ryan’s eventual endorsement of Donald Trump for president was considered pretty tepid, since he used the word ‘endorse’ he will be classified here as an endorser.

But many other Republicans have not used the word ‘endorse’ to describe their support for Donald Trump. Some say that they will be voting for him but not endorsing; or that they will be supporting but not endorsing. Many simply said they would support the Republican nominee, without mentioning Trump by his name. I count these statements as 'support', but not endorsements.

Since the release on October 7th 2016 of the Access Hollywood 2005 tape of Trump discussing forcing himself on women, some Republicans have rescinded their support. I have therefore divided the opposers into two camps; those who opposed Trump before the tape was released, when there was still plenty of misogyny to oppose in him, and those who only opposed afterwards.

10/15/2016 Update: As several of those Republicans who had rescinded their support after the release of the 2005 tape have now re-endorsed him, I have had to create a new category to characterize such a position on Trump: 'Supported then opposed and then supported'.

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